Innovative design, inspired by dedicated competitors.


Stay superior equestrian was foundered by myself… I am so grateful, and very proud to be the director of my very own equestrian clothing company.

As a rider myself I have always been passionate about horses and all things equestrian related. After loosing my absolute horse of a lifetime in July 2014 I started designing, as this was something I had always aspired to do. Collaborating my rider knowledge with my own personal equestrian experiences, I compiled all of my ideas, to put together a carefully constructed new brand of uniquely designed elite rider wear. This range features new ideas showcasing clear differences that are completely unique to our branding, which distinguishes us from other high quality brands.

Throughout the whole process I’ve wanted to be able to offer a professional, high quality brand for riders like myself, that struggle with the financial strain of competing (at any given opportunity) but still have the option to afford high in quality, technical rider wear which enhances their overall performance while in the saddle.

This forever growing range is now available from our online store… featuring an affordable price tag!



I am very fortunate to work with Eco friendly manufacturers that specialise in technical sportswear materials and have experienced knowledge of new material technologies, that we use to create our elite rider wear. I endeavour to work very closely with my amazing team that produce all of my designs. Together we ensure that all products are manufactured to the highest standards, using only the best materials that house the essential technical abilities to promote maximum suitability throughout all disciplines. Whether training at home or out competing, we understand that comfort, function and style are equally important, to bring out the absolute best in your performance.



Our company name reflects your inner ability to be, and to stay, at the very top of your game! Giving your best performance every time you step out…

When wearing our products we want you to feel that there are no limits to what can be achieved, because you have that ‘superior‘ edge over your competition… “when your sport, is your life…”




Thank you so much for all the support so far!
Megan Church-Fordham xx